Care Management

What is Care Management?

Optimal Solutions offers care management services to clients with disabilities as well as older clients who are in need of medical service management, assistance in navigating a new diagnosis, or relocation as your daily needs increase.


It can be overwhelming being the primary caregiver for someone with a debilitating disease. You are not alone! Let Optimal Solutions be your partner in identifying problems, checking eligibility for services and benefits, arranging for in-home services, and offering referrals for legal and medical issues.


Education plays an important part in everything Optimal Solutions does. Knowledge is power! We will ensure you have a good understanding of what your family is facing due to the prognosis of your loved one. Making life transition decisions in crisis is paralyzing, scary, and often the best decisions are not chosen under duress.

Making solid, informed decisions before they are needed, allows you and your family to set plans before they become critical.

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How can Care Management help?

Here are some scenarios where Care Management might be of help...

  • My mother was just diagnoses with Alzheimer’s Disease.  I feel overwhelmed and need education on the disease and what to expect as it progresses. I’m afraid she can no longer live at home alone and do not know where to start.


  • I have ALS and have been able to manage quite well up until recently.  I have noticed I am more forgetful and worry about the future for my family.  I am in need of private sitters so that my husband can continue to work. What do I qualify for?


  • My father is suffering from Dementia and I am his sole caregiver. I have been caring for him for several years and feeling very burned out.  I feel isolated and my friends have moved on with their lives. Sometimes I feel stuck in a time warp. I cry all the time and do not sleep well. Are their support groups for people like me?


  • Our elderly mother and father have finally agreed to complete their Powers of Attorney for medical decisions and Mom is asking about Do not resuscitate forms.  I’m not sure about all these forms and need some help getting them completed.

Covered Topics in Care Management Sessions

Consultations for Care Management will cover a wide range of diverse and important conversations regarding the past, present and future of your loved ones, including:

  • Initial care planning assessment

  • Relocation to an Assisted Living, Nursing center, or a residential home

  • Counseling services (grief/loss, depression, anxiety)

  • Therapeutic visits from a clinical social worker to your loved one wherever they reside (confer with physician/psychiatrist, report back to primary caregiver, set up appointments and transportation)

  • Legal issues/Finances

  • Housing

  • Health (physical & mental)

  • Psychosocial and Emotional needs

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